Coastguard rescuers are warning owners to keep dogs on leads after a collie took a tumble over a cliff near Mawnan on Sunday.

A team from Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team were called out on April 13 after a report that the pet called Carrie had fallen 40 feet.

The Falmouth team called for backup from the Porthoustock team as this was going to be a cliff top recovery and carried cliff rescue gear half a mile from the nearest road access.

Once the team found the owners of the dog, who directed them where to go, and edge safety officer established the dog was 40ft below on a stable ledge.

A spokesman said: “Our rope rescue technician geared up and descended to the dog, who was very pleased to see him, and placed Carrie in our animal rescue bag. Once Porthoustock Search and Rescue were on scene we were able to recover both dog and Technician to safety. We're happy to report on this occasion the dog was relatively uninjured.

He added: “Please keep your dogs on leads near cliff edges. Rabbits and squirrels can jump and turn quickly. Your dog can't. They keep going and can end up in severe distress, if not worse, as proven around the coast. Only this week our collegues over at Portreath had a call to a dog over a cliff, and that sadly didn’t make it.”