Scaffolding is going up at Truro Cathedral’s NW tower to start repairing the storm damage caused by February's gales.

A stone mullion, a decorative stone column in a high level arch, was dislodged and fell to the ground and cathedral authorities are "anxious to repair this damage as soon as possible".

It is anticipated that it will take between six and eight weeks to complete the construction of the scaffolding and during that time there will be no public access via Wilkes Walk, between High Cross and the Cathedral Green. Once the scaffolding is in place it is hoped access can be resumed.

As well as repairing the damaged mullion, the scaffolding will also allow for a full high level inspection to take place to see if any other remedial action is required on the tower.

Ellen McKessock, from the cathedral said: “Our concern is for the safety of the public, so we felt it prudent to close off Wilkes Walk until the scaffolding has gone up, we will minimize the inconvenience to the public as much as we can. The cathedral is definitely open although there will be restricted ramp access until the repairs have been effected.”

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