Ships crews in Falmouth and Fowey will be cheered with a special delivery of Easter eggs this weekend.

Port chaplains and ship visitors from catholic agency the Apostleship of the Sea will be increasing their efforts to support the lives of seafarers at Easter with practical help and a chance to celebrate their faith at the height of the liturgical year.

John Pinhay, Apostleship of the Sea’s port chaplain in Falmouth and Fowey and his team of volunteers are aware that for seafarers any festive period is much like any other working day, the only difference being that their separation from family and friends and from their faith can be even more difficult to bear than usual.

Over Easter the Apostleship of the Sea will be actively visiting merchant ships to provide seafarers with a chance to celebrate their faith, help them attend the Easter liturgies in a local parish, provide faith resources and also deliver Easter cheer in the form of Easter eggs donated by the local community.

John recently supported two seafarers who had to be hospitalised after being injured while at sea due to storms. He visited both seamen several times and in the case of one of them was able to supply faith resources, which were very much appreciated.