A Falmouth woman whose terrier has been attacked on four separate occasions by other dogs, is appealing for pet owners to keep their animals on a lead when walking in public areas.

Although Amanda Wymer is obviously concerned for the safety of her own West Highland terrier, Barney, she also fears that a child could fall victim to a dog, particularly as three of the recent attacks took place near a primary school.

The latest attack took place outside Ms Wymer’s home in Pellew Road where Barney was allowed to run in the garden, but on an extending lead.

“I was working inside and the lead went tight,” she said.

“I thought he was running after something, but when I looked there was a Doberman hanging over him on the drive and both dogs were growling.

“By the time I got there, the owner of the dog was running up the drive and put a lead on his dog.

“To be fair he has apologised and that was good enough for me, but I want to see all dogs kept on leads.”

Six-year-old Barney had been attacked by a Doberman on a previous occasion on the lane running beside Falmouth Primary Academy, and also by a Jack Russell-type dog which had been allowed to run free from its home.

“Its front door was wide open and the dog ran out and took a chunk out of Barney and ran off with fur in his mouth,” said Ms Wymer. “Luckily, it was only fur and Barney was not hurt.

“I have reported the incidents to the police because I am worried what could happen. I am fed up with people not keeping dogs on leads.

“Every single time, the owners’ response is that, ‘my dog is friendly’, but dogs are unpredictable and you just cannot tell.”