Concerns have been raised about the lack of marker bouys designed to keep swimmers safe from speed boats off Falmouth’s beaches as the good weather starts.

While Falmouth Harbour Commissioners have come in for some criticism for not having the buoys in place by Easter, particularly considering the recent fine weather, they claim they are following their usual protocol.

The bouys are scheduled to be put in place in mid-May to coincide with the start of the lifeguard service on local beaches.

Captain Mark Sansom, harbour master and chief executive of FHC, said: “Falmouth Harbour Commissioners take the safety of all water users very seriously.

“We place marker buoys in the waters surrounding Gyllyngvase, Castle and Swanpool beaches in order to help ensure that boats can be aware of swimmers so they can modify their speed accordingly.

“The markers are seasonal and are normally deployed in May through until September.

“During that period we liaise with the beach lifeguards and can adjust the position of the buoys when required.

“This year it is our intention to deploy the buoys by the middle of May which coincides with the start of the beach lifeguard cover on May 17."