Falmouth RNLI has evacuated an injured crewmember from a sailing vessel which was heading to the harbour from Plymouth.

Falmouth Coastguard called the Lifeboat operations manager at around 7.45pm on April 29 to request assistance with evacuation from the 64ft sail training vessel Tectona.

It was agreed that the Inshore Lifeboat would launch to meet the Tectona once she had entered the harbour, and the two vessels rendezvoused just before 11pm.

Falmouth RNLI said: "A lifeboat crewmember who is trained in casualty care went on board the vessel to assess the condition of the casualty before he was transferred to the lifeboat for the short journey back to the lifeboat station, where he was handed into the care of the ambulance paramedic at 10.30pm.


"The casualty, who had suffered an arm injury, was taken into the lifeboat station and checked over by the paramedic before eventually being released to return to the Tectona. By this time the sail training vessel had anchored and launched its tender which then picked him up and returned him to the vessel."