St Michael’s Primary School have visited Trevaskis Farm, near Hayle, where they were able to start the new topic focussing on growing and lifecycles.

Farm staff Debbie and Jamie took the classes on a thorough tour of the farm, which grows a varied selection of fruit and vegetables.

Youngsters saw berry bushes growing outside, as well as inside polytunnels, and learnt that bees were brought in to pollinate the strawberry plants in the polytunnels early – although fruit was not quite ready to eat during the visit.

They were able to identify different vegetables growing in the herb and vegetable garden, as well as enjoy smelling the many herbs.

At the farm’s pond the children were delighted to see a huge number of tadpoles swimming. This provided the perfect opportunity for both class teachers, Joanne Le Good and Suzanne Bray, to remind the children of the lifecycle of a frog.

Just past the apple orchard were South Devon cows and the geese, who had goslings following closely behind them. The pigs were the next stop on the tour and a few of the sows had litters of piglets with them. It was interesting for the children to see the purpose-built huts, built to prevent the sows from lying on her piglets when resting.

Other attractions were the goats, Rusty and Dusty, and the pony. Near the end of the tour, Greyface Dartmoor lambs were seen skipping around the field.

The tour finished with a visit to the fishmonger, Darrel, in the farm shop.

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