A sailing school for disabled people in Mylor hopes to open in May after receiving a big boost in funding and help.

Charity, Mylor Sailability, based at Mylor Yacht Harbour, has secured £1,300 from Cornwall Sports Partnership’s Sportivate, and a further £3,000 from West Cornwall Youth Trust, towards running costs, plus other offers of assistance.

Wheelyboat Trust, who create RIBs designed to take wheelchairs, have agreed to fund 75 per cent towards their new design of Wheelyboat for the charity, and students at Falmouth Marine School will be donating an old punt with an outboard motor which they are due to be overhauling for a project.

Tracey Boyne, owner of Mylor Sailing School and founder of Mylor Sailability, said: “My staff have all had some training and we are very much looking forward to putting this into practice and help to gain sailing qualifications and for regular participation in sport.

“It’s very exciting and we are currently applying for more funding to run the project and also the new build. Lots more equipment is also needed, including a hoist, specialised boats, specialised seats and supports and life jackets.”

In addition to funding and assistance, the charity has also been successful in their application for planning permission to build a new classroom, including an audio loop for the hard of hearing.

Tracey said: “After the very humbling experience of an open day back in October we have driven on to get the charity up and running.”

The group will start running courses on Tuesday, May 13, and on subsequent Tuesdays and Saturdays.