Plans to provide scores of people the chance to design their own homes in Cornwall have taken a major step forward after partners legally committed to the project.

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), Carillion-igloo and Coastline Housing have signed a legal agreement which paves the way for up to 150 new and affordable homes to be built beside the Heartlands regeneration project at Trevenson Park, Pool.

The agreement includes proposals for between 50 and 60 Custom Build plots, which will offer people from across Cornwall the chance to select a home manufacturer and customise their dream home. This represents one of England’s biggest Custom Build projects, set up by Government to boost the rate of house-building by unlocking thousands of new homes designed and built by their owners.

A mix of new and affordable homes and accommodation for older people would also be delivered as part of the project by Carillion-Igloo’s registered housing provider partner Coastline.

The Custom Build process allows people to buy a plot of land, choose their preferred manufacturer and work with them to create their dream home by choosing from a menu of options. If plans for the wider site are approved by Cornwall Council, plots would be made available to purchasers from next spring.

HCA Area Manager Paul Britton said: “This important project continues the successful regeneration of Trevenson Park, which is transforming this former mining community by bringing new homes, jobs and prosperity to this part of Cornwall.

“The new homes planned for this site would make a significant difference to the area and the families who live there, and the Custom Build element taps into a strong demand for people to design and build a home of their own.

“The HCA has worked hard with its partners to get the project to this stage, developing a vision for the site and bringing partners on board. We remain committed to helping to turn the ambitious vision for this site into a reality.”

Carillion-igloo Head of Custom Build Jon Sawyer said: “Finalising this development agreement with the HCA and Coastline will kick start an exciting new housing delivery model. Custom Build is ideal for the 67% of people who would not buy from volume house builders.

"The customer can come to Carillion-igloo’s Plot Shop, choose where they want to live on our site from our panel of home manufacturers and get independent mortgage advice.

They can then work with their chosen home manufacturer to customise their dream home and will receive regular progress reports as their home is built for them. we look forward to providing local people with the opportunity to choose a home that will meet their taste and budget.”

Christine Coonan, Coastline Housing’s development manager, added: “Just a mile away from our base in Pool, this is one of the largest single developments Coastline has undertaken.

Our 70 homes at Trevenson Park South will bring a significant number of affordable high quality homes to an area where demand is far greater than availability.

As the local landlord, we are determined to sustain great places for our own residents and their neighbours. The historic Robinson’s Shaft buildings provide an inspirational setting for the new neighbourhood, which has been made possible by our constructive partnership with Carillion igloo and the Homes and Communities Agency.”

Carillion-igloo and Coastline expect to submit a planning for the wider scheme next month, which would allow Coastline to start developing the affordable homes on site later this year. Custom Build plots are expected to be available to buy from next spring, following planning approval or the site.

The agreement was finalised just ahead of this year's National Custom and Self Build Week, which is organised by the National Self Build Association and runs from 3 to 10 May.