Helston Freemasons have splashed out and donated £500 to Parc Eglos Primary School for its swimming pool facilities.

The pool is used by more than 500 children a week, both at the school and also from the wider community, but receives no funding from the county.

As a result the school is continually fundraising for refurbishments.

The money from the freemasons will be spent on the pool shower, which is particularly necessary for children with sensitive skin so that they can wash off the pool chemicals, but at present it does not work.

Jeremy Squibb, secretary of Helston’s True & Faithful Chapter of Royal Arch Freemasons, who has a daughter in the foundation class, together with charity steward Geoff Taylor visited the school to hand over the cheque.

They said: “It is very dear to our hearts to support local charities and the community as a whole.

“Recently we heard that various aspects of the Parc Eglos swimming pool complex were in need of refurbishment and approached the head Brett Dye to see if we could help in any way.

“It is wonderful to see the funds being put to such good use in improving the facilities for the community as a whole, making this a more pleasurable experience for all.”

Deputy head Louise Jones thanks them, saying: “We’re really, really grateful. Contributions like that allow us to keep our pool warm and clean so we can use it regularly.

“It’s made a huge difference to their quality time in the pool. Our thanks to them.”

In the past two years, the True and Faithful Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in Helston has donated more than £2,000 each to both Masonic and local charities.

Last year’s beneficiaries included Mullion Guides and Landewedneck Rainbows, while this year, in addition to the £500 donated to Parc Eglos School, they have given a further £250 to the Helston Mayor’s Welfare Fund, as well as similar amounts to other charities.