A self-employed carpenter who told police: “My licence is my life” when he failed a roadside drink breath test was going to find it very difficult to work, his solicitor Rob Eccleston told District Judge Paul Clark at Truro.

Jozef Szlitkus, aged 23, of Porkellis, pleaded guilty to drink driving at Falmouth on March 15 when he tested at 83 mcg, more than twice the legal limit.

He also admitted two charges of possessing class A and B drugs.

Alison May for the CPS, said police officers were attracted to his vehicle in Falmouth at 2am because it had no lights on, and when they spoke to Szlitkus they could see he was drunk.

A search of him and his car produced cannabis and MDMA.

Mr Eccleston said he had been out in Falmouth earlier that evening and taken a taxi home after drinking.

Then he decided to go out again, and, remembering he had left his car in a restricted parking area, moved it to a better position which was when he was caught by the police.

Szlitkus was fined a total of £400 with costs and surcharge of £110 and banned from driving for 18 months.