People living in the St Keverne parish have the chance to say whether they want to press ahead with a plan for the future of the area.

Members of the public attending the annual parish meeting last Thursday heard a Neighbourhood Plan could cost anywhere from £7,000, although St Ives Town Council was spending in region of £40,000.

On average Cornwall Council estimates the cost to be between £10,000 and £15,000 – hence the reason why the parish council wants to get the opinion of its parishioners before continuing.

Councillor Dominic Brandreth, who is leading the project, said: “This is council money that comes out of your council tax, effectively.”

However, the government has made a pot of money available for grants to councils looking to create a plan.

Such a document would be used to influence future decisions over planning applications, as well as look at what the community hopes will happen to the parish over the coming years, in terms of roads, schools and houses.

Mr Brandreth added that the project would be too much for the parish council alone, meaning people in the community would also have to get involved.

“It’s only possible when the community get involved in finding out what people want – in shaping it and making it happen. This is why we are coming to the parish and asking, ‘Should we proceed?’” he said.

Parishioners will ultimately be given the final say, via a referendum.

Links will be added to the parish council website where people can find out more information, with residents able to send a letter or write an email to clerk Grace Hatton with their views and offers of help.

They can also attend the next meeting of the parish council, on June 5.

Having a plan could result in greater income for the parish, with councils holding a Neighbourhood Plan receiving a larger share of any community infrastructure levy – 25 per cent as opposed to be 15 per cent.