The proposed demolition and replacement of a wall that separates Falmouth University’s Woodlane campus and Fox Rosehill Gardens which would enable a new footpath and site access to be created, has generated concerns among neighbouring residents.

The university has applied for consent to demolish the boundary rubble stone wall and remove an embankment and then replace it with a new wall, steps and kerb. Falmouth’s planning committee has recommended approval of the application, as long as the wall is rebuilt to the same height.

Local member, Geoffrey Evans said: “I have had several telephone calls about this wall.

“I am not against the wall coming down if it goes back the same size because it is important to the gardens. We should also make sure county knows what part of the land we own and what the university owns.”

The plans are all part of the university’s attempt to “rationalise” the campus access and egress following its acquisition of neighbouring properties known as Belmont.

There are currently two access roads which are the only route through the campus for both pedestrians and vehicles.

“Access for large trucks and refuse vehicles is very restricted, there is no room for two-way traffic nor enough width for vehicles to pass,” say APG Architecture in its design statement.

It is proposed to introduce a one-way system through the campus with an exit at Belmont onto Woodlane.

“The proposal seeks to remove the existing rubble stone wall and provide a new link road between the two access roads as well as widening the existing access road, remodelling the existing footpath and walls using materials from the removed wall.”

Residents, though, have concerns over the application, with Robert O’Shea writing on Cornwall Council’s website, “Rebuild the wall? Fine but not an inch into Fox Rosehill or a millimetre higher. Currently Trelawney Avenue is an effective vehicular cul-de-sac. It should remain so.”

Clair Gilchrist said: “The historic Fox-Rosehill Gardens belong to the people of Falmouth and encroachment to them from the university is not acceptable.

At the moment the gardens are a peaceful and quiet haven within Falmouth and need to be kept separate from the university campus.”

Mel Johnston said: “Rosehill Gardens is a garden which the Fox family gave to the people of Falmouth.

“It does not belong to the university and therefore I object to the university making an application to remove any boundary wall of the garden or encroach on the actual gardens which it is attempting to do.”

The application will be determined by Cornwall Council.