The inshore lifeboat was launched by Falmouth RNLI just before 5pm on Monday after a boat fouled its propeller on an object off Zone Point.

The RNLI was asked to help the yacht after Falmouth Coastguard recieved a call from the 26ft yacht Featherstone, which had got the line from a lobster pot marker around its propeller and was lying stern to the sea.

Falmouth RNLI said: "The inshore lifeboat crew assisted the single handed skipper in cutting the yacht free from the obstruction and then towed the yacht into Falmouth Harbour where it was safely moored at the Falmouth Yacht Haven at 5.55pm. The inshore lifeboat was then released to return to is station."

The 26ft Westerly Yacht had been on passage from Fowey to Falmouth when it had fouled the fishing gear.

The crew for the rescue were: Diane Bush (Helmsman), Neil Capper, Jack Chuter