Truro's MP Sarah Newton has called again for the Government to reconsider the proposed relocation of the Rifles Regiment away from Truro.

Under plans unveiled in July 2013, D Company 6 Rifles, currently based in Truro and Plymouth, would be based in Plymouth and Barnstaple from 2016. Mrs Newton has raised concerns about the move from Truro and has started an online petition calling for Cornwall’s links with the Rifles Regiment to continue.

Mrs Newton has raised her concerns about the move on a number of occasions in the House of Commons, leading a debate in this subject in October 2013, and securing an ongoing ministerial review.

Mrs Newton has raised her concerns about the move again, in Defence Questions in the House of Commons.

Responding to Mrs Newton’s call for Rifles boots to remain on Cornish soil, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, Mark Francois MP thanked her for her "dogged" campaigning and assured her that in considering this issue he was "looking kindly at units with historic local connections and robust recruiting numbers".

Mrs Newton said: ‘‘I am pleased that the minister continues to closely consider local concerns about the proposed Rifles move and that he recognises the importance of local links and local recruitment.

"The evidence of the Rifles links to Cornwall, and of their impressive recruitment in local years in the Duchy, is considerable and has been repeatedly drawn to the MoD’s attention.

"In this light the Minister’s comments look encouraging. I will continue to speak up for Cornwall’s reservists and press for the right decision to be made so that Cornish residents can continue to make an outstanding contribution to the Reserve Forces.’’