It may have been a day of rain with just a little sunshine, but the overall effect of Helston Flora Day this year was of a rainbow.

Thanks to the array of colourful dresses worn by the women, combined with the bunting overhead and the shops dressed in greenery and flowers, the town shone bright under the grey skies.

Aside from a few heavy downpours, the day remained largely dry with just a bit of drizzle and all the dances went off as planned.


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Only the children’s dance was affected, with the traditional break in Lismore cut out for health and safety reasons, due to the risk of slipping on the wet ground. It meant they were back within the hour – and as a result missed the rain that came in shortly after their return.

The midday dancers did continue into the gardens, however, where the leaders Hannah Oliver, Maxim Cardew, Adam Collier and Dr Sara Rogers, enjoyed Champagne on the terrace with owner Michael Jay.

Hannah, a pattern cutter for a high street fashion supplier, glowed in a rich purple and red dress that she designed and made herself, while Sara looked radiant in a soft pink gown and hat designed locally.

Despite beginning the day under drizzling clouds, the evening dancers – led, as in the 7am, by Richard and Ceri Harvey, together with Andrew Steadman and Laura Frew – finished off the formal part of the event under brilliant sunshine, with plenty of people remaining in the town to see them round.

The day remains non-commercial and free to take part in, with the money to hold the event raised through the sale of programmes, the vice-presidents and donations given by the midday and evening dancers at the end of the dances.

To view all our Flora Day Pictures click here

This year saw a new programme published, featuring photographs of past dances including some taken in the gardens of Lismore.

Chairman of the Flora Day stewards John Eddy gave his thanks to Mr Jay for allowing the photographs to be taken and used, and for the continued use of the garden in the dance route.

The event was a success from a policing point of view, with only two arrests for public disorder caused through alcohol.

PC Anne Butcher, neighbourhood beat manager for Helston town centre, said the police were pleased with the day as a whole, adding: “It went off very well, considering it was quite poor weather.