A play written especially to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Gweek Players is being staged at the end of the month.

Featuring a cast of 14, the aim has been to bring in actors and crew from other groups in the surrounding area to make a larger than normal anniversary production.

The Ghost Express has been written by Rob Lambert, who is also directing. Inspired by the 1923 play The Ghost Train by Arnold Ripley it has been rewritten extensively by Mr Lambert and bears little resemblance to the original.

Taking a year to complete, the play is set in Cornwall during the darkest days of World War Two. It is the story of an eclectic group of passengers stranded in an abandoned railway station in Gweek.

Forced to spend the night in the dark and gloomy station, they hear the story of The Ghost Express – a train filled with the spirits of passengers killed in an horrific train crash at the end of the previous century. The train is said to arrive at midnight and all those who set eyes on it go mad.

With only a few minutes until midnight the group hear the distant sound of an approaching train, and the situation becomes a fight for survival as the passengers have to decide who they trust, who the real enemy is and who the hero is.

The play is intended for an adult audience, with themes such as euthanasia, politics and attitudes to minorities, although there is only one swear word. It contains some loud sounds and flashing lights.

However, there is also plenty of humour and publicity states that “those with dirty minds will find more humour than others.”

Rehearsals began in January, with the lead roles being played by Lewis Jenkin as Dick, Aline Turner as Daphne, Bruce Austen as Donald and Emma Teague as Rose.

The production also features Katie Clucas, Lewis Moore, Vanda Trotman, David Rowland, Lynn Blake, Sandy Tyndale Biscoe, Sandy Pulfrey and Annette Shaw.

Evening performances run from Wednesday, May 28 to Friday, May 30 with a matinee at 5pm on Saturday, May 31. Tickets cost £8 and £9, by calling 0845 094 8874 or visiting

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