A group of volunteers were out spreading good feelings to the people of Falmouth as part of National Good Gestures Day.

The event, inspired by teenage cancer sufferer and fundraiser Stephen Sutton, saw a group led by 18 year old Bethany Hughes giving out over 700 free hugs, high fives, handshakes and fist bumps in the town centre on Saturday afternoon.

Bethany, a dance student at Falmouth University who went to school with Stephen, said: “It’s been so great. It’s been absolutely incredible and it’s been so lovely to be out there and just get other people involved and it gave me such a nice feeling being so nice to people and especially when people responded so well.

“Bizarrely my favourite response was the people who walked past because they thought we were trying to sell something and then they come straight back and say ‘oh wait!’ and they’d have a little chat.”

“The other thing that was lovely, after people do the high five or their gesture you’d see people walk off talking to each other and smiling.