The world’s only Trans-Atlantic sail cargo vessel, the Tres Hombres, arrived in Amsterdam on May 9 with a selection of beers from the Rebel Brewing Co. to trade.

After sailing from Falmouth on the April 15 the engine-less cargo vessel set sail again for its home port of Amsterdam with a very special delivery on board.

A selection of Rebels beers which included Penryn Pale Ale a light hoppy beer which was named in honour of the town, were on board the ship destined for the farmers market “Noordermarkt” in Amsterdam.

Matt Kemp from Rebel brewery which is based on Kernick Industrial Estate said: “We are happy to say that this will become a yearly event and we hope to do more trades like this in the future. We loved working with the ship’s crew to bottle their rum and they loved the fact that we still bottle and label everything by hand at the brewery. Also trades like this are a great way to do business ethically.”

Tres Hombres is leading the way towards reviving an industry in shipping goods under sail. The beautiful brigantine, the first of the Fairtransport Shipping fleet, set sail from Holland on 18th of October 2013, calling in to Norway, France, Portugal and the Canaries on her way to Brazil and the Caribbean, and returning via Bermuda, the Azores, Falmouth and the Isle of Wight before the last leg to her home port in Amsterdam.