A 27-year-old man admitted at Truro Magistrates’ Court that he had assaulted two teenagers in a late night incident, after he had been to the Porthleven Food Festival.

David Thomas Avery, of Trevisker Drive, Porthleven, pleaded guilty to assaulting the two teenagers, a male and a female aged 17 who cannot be named for legal reasons, at Porthleven on April 26.

Gail Hawkley, for the CPS, said he had been seen arguing with the female and when he put his hands round her throat the other teenager intervened and was hit a glancing blow on his face by the defendant.

Avery had taken off his coat and shirt and said: “I’ll take you all out” to the male and to a number of his friends who were with him and going to the girl’s aid.

Avery told the magistrates he was not sure what happened that night due to what he had been drinking, but he apologised to everyone for what took place.

He was fined £115 and £105 costs and surcharge and ordered to pay each victim £25.