Three cameras streaming this year’s Flora Day celebrations live around the world attracted just short of 14,000 viewers.

Wendy Radford-Gaby, who was behind the project, said following the event she received emails from as far away as Canada, Australia and New Zealand, from people delighted to be able to watch the dancing despite being thousands of miles away.

She said: “I want to thank everybody for all their support and sharing it with friends.”

Mrs Radford-Gaby positioned two of the cameras on the roof of Negys in Coinagehall Street, the software development company of which she is managing director.

Based on the second and third floors above Barclays Bank, halfway down the street, the cameras were mounted on the building’s parapet – one pointing up the hill and the other down. A third was added shortly before the event.

She added: “It was a bit of an off the cuff idea six weeks before the event, but I think we pulled it off with only a few hitches.

“We do plan to do it again next year and we hope Helston Town Council will support it, and we will hopefully have more cameras in more streets.

“Next year we’ll be more organised and make sure the cameras have sound.”

She was thanked for her efforts by Helston’s new mayor Mike Thomas.