The Big Art and Storytelling Tall Ships Project has been awarded funding from The Arts Council and local arts funding body FEAST.

Following the launch of the children’s art competition in April, the funding means that the entire proposed arts programme leading up to and during the Tall Ships Regatta can now be delivered.

John Frankland, creative producer for the project, said: “This recognition for the creative value of the project means that we can do so much more and deliver some exciting outcomes for the children who engage with the project and the visitors who come to see these fabulous ships.”

One of the immediate effects is that the project has been able to award five bursaries to alumni creative writing students, in conjunction with Falmouth University. These new writers beginning their careers in Cornwall have already spent some time writing their interpretation of John Dyer’s painting celebrating the 2014 Tall Ships Regatta in Falmouth. Their work will be added to that of professional writers and will be available online at

Alumni will also support the project workshops which are being provided free to schools across Cornwall, allowing children to gain a creative insight into how they can complete their own writing. ”

Suzie Cunliffe, one of the five graduates engaged with the project, added: “Having the tall ships visit Falmouth is such a momentous occasion and as a writer, working and living in Cornwall, I am tremendously proud to be able to contribute to the creative tour de force of creativity being generated around the event by this project.

Falmouth Art Gallery says it has been inundated with responses from local schools to take part in these workshops, with some schools arranging for every child to participate.

“This level of response endorses what a huge creative offer this project is for children to engage with, they are being encouraged not only to paint but to write stories, poems and even complete a play,” said the gallery’s director, Henrietta Boex.

Maxwell Golden, a hip-hop poet who has interpreted the painting with his own poem, has been engaged to give a series of workshops in Cornwall for local children in their own schools. Artist in residence John Dyer said: “I am absolutely thrilled that my creative work and the work of the John Dyer Gallery have helped to secure this significant arts funding for the BIG Art & Storytelling Tall Ships project.

“It is a wonderful feeling to be able to support and work alongside the creative talents of actors and writers and to be able to award bursaries to up and coming writers from Falmouth University.

“It is exactly how we imagined the project would work and dreams do come true.”

The funding also allows Shop for Theatre to be brought to life for the regatta. This brings performances of new writing into small and intimate spaces. For information visit, and for information on the regatta visit