The leader, deputy leader, chairman and vice chairman of Cornwall Council have all been unanimously re-elected at this week's unitary authority meeting.

John Pollard was chosen to continue as leader, and said it was both an extremely humbling and emotional experience.

He said: “I have had enormous support throughout the last year.

"We face huge challenges but are doing our best to work with the whole council, be open and inclusive and a ‘can do’ and’ listening’ cabinet and council”.

Jeremy Rowe remains as the deputy leader.

John said: “Jeremy Rowe’s consistent support and good sense and politically aware response has proved to be an enormous support to me personally and the work of the cabinet as a whole.

"I am very grateful that he will continue as deputy leader. We are an alliance but you rarely see the join as we are all dedicated to doing our best for Cornwall.

“We are determined to build a different Cornwall. We face a huge and almost incomprehensible task of saving huge sums but we must use this necessity as a means of creating a more efficient, lean but effective council to serve the people of Cornwall.”

At the full meeting of members also re-elected John Wood as the chairman of the council, with Ann Kerridge chosen as the vice chairman.

Thanking members for their support and confidence, John Wood said he was “overwhelmed” to have been selected for another year and that the last year had been “an honour and a privilege”.