Year six children from Nancledra School have been learning more about the town in which they live – thanks to a new resource pack which encourages the youngsters to follow a Town Trail based on information in the Penzance Discovery Map.

The new school resource pack has been produced through a partnership between the Penzance and District Tourism Association (PDTA), Nancledra School teacher Janet Gallie and Angie Butler as part of the celebrations to mark the 400th Anniversary of the signing of the Town Charter.

The Penzance Discovery Map, which was launched last year, depicts the history of Penzance and surrounding areas. The Map also shows the natural environment, including the coastline, beauty spots, Town Trail and wildlife – all illustrated by Simon Riordan of SR Studio.

 The school resource pack uses information in the Discovery Map to produce a Town Trail for the youngsters to follow. The pack also provides three pages of questions that the children can answer by referring to the Discovery Map, answer sheets, and pictures of the 16 stopping points on the Trail with suggestions for activities at each point.

One of these activities involves four children lying on the top step at St John’s Hall, with another child astride the step to get a better understanding of the size of a single piece of granite quarried from Lamorna. Another activity is for a child to knight another classmate and say “Rise Sir Humphry Davy” at his statue in Market Jew Street.

Seventeen packs have been delivered to local schools around Penzance by the Penzance and District Tourism Association .

"This has been a wonderful project and we hope that children and staff have fun learning about the interesting and lively historic past of Penzance,” said Christine Edwards, Secretary of the PDTA. “We would like to thank Janet Gallie, staff and pupils at Nancledra School, Angie Butler and Goldcrest Stationers who made the whole thing possible.”

Angie Butler said: "I have been involved in the Discovery Map from the start as a sponsor and a primary teacher. I have recognised its importance to local children as a way of learning about Penzance and the surrounding area. This one resource does that, and can lead them on to follow their own particular interests and those of their families.

“When I was asked to work with Nancledra School, I could see how Mrs Gallie's approach had fired the children's interest. They were excited to learn about their nearest town and were thrilled to find curious corners they had discovered in school before their visit.

"They had used the quiz Mrs Gallie had prepared, so were familiar with the Map and Town Trail before their visit. I knew the quiz would be a boon to other teachers who have not the time or expertise of Mrs Gallie, and would encourage them to excite their pupils too. I am delighted to have been involved in such a worthwhile project."

The project has the full support of Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Heritage and Planning, who said :“I believe it’s very important to highlight and celebrate our rich cultural heritage as well as our beautiful Cornish landscapes. As custodians of our natural and built environment it’s particularly important that we engage with and involve young people.

"I hope that this new resource pack will help excite young people to learn more about Cornish history and environmental issues.”

Copies of the pack are available from Christine Edwards, Secretary of the PDTA, by telephoning 01736 362614.