With the nesting season currently underway Cornwall Council is reminding people that they can buy seagull proof sacks to help prevent seagulls ripping open unprotected rubbish bags and scattering the contents all over the place.

“Unfortunately, gulls and other birds and animals don't understand the systems operated by the human community to deal with its waste! Seagull Proof Sacks do what they say - they keep rubbish protected from gulls and are very helpful at this time of year when gulls and other animals are foraging to feed their young” said Bert Biscoe, the Cabinet Member for Transport and Waste.

“They are particularly useful in coastal and estuarial towns in preventing sometimes putrid rubbish from being scattered around streets and pavements on rubbish collection day.”

The seagull proof sacks hold around three black sacks of rubbish and have a weighted base, a secure Velcro fastening and a tie at the back to stop them blowing away after collection.

Seagull proof sacks are also available from some Town and Parish councils .