Falmouth's inshore and all weather lifeboats went to the aid of a French yacht which was taking on water during the morning of Wednesday, May 24.

Following a request from the Coastguard at around 6.45am, the lifeboats were launched to assist the 21ft Mini Transat yacht Poch Trot, after the skipper put out a Pan Pan broadcast reporting it was taking water off the entrance to Falmouth Harbour.

The yacht was located between St Anthony Lighthouse and Black Rock Beacon just after 7am and a member of the inshore lifeboat crew was put on board the yacht to assess the situation.

Falmouth RNLI said: "It was confirmed that the water ingress was coming from the after hatch and that the bilge pump was stemming the flow so the inshore lifeboat took the yacht in tow while the all weather lifeboat escorted them into the harbour.

"The yacht was taken to the Falmouth Yacht Haven where it was safely moored at 8.02am."

The coastguard said it had been unsure of the yacht's position and the nature of problem due to language difficulties.

The all weather lifeboat crew was: Carl Beardmore (Coxswain), John Blakeston, Claire Angove, Josh Beardmore, Elliot Holman, Nick Head, Derren Plaister

The inshore lifeboat was crewed by: Andy Jenkin (Helmsman), Tom Bird, Tom Telford