A public exhibition of plans for a new, large roundabout at Union Corner in Falmouth was attended by around 80 people who in the main came out in support of the proposals.

The Cornwall Council scheme, which has secured a £1.6 million grant from the Department of Transport’s pinch point fund, includes a new single roundabout to replace the existing double mini roundabout at the junction of Trescobeas Road, Kergilliack Road and Bickland Water Road.

A new link road would also be created across Falmouth School land which would result in the upper end of Trescobeas Road, from number 99, effectively becoming a cul-de-sac with no access onto the new junction.

It is claimed the new lay-out will help reduce congestion during peak times and provide for the hundreds of new houses planned in the area.

There will also be improved facilities for cyclists and pedestrians and the changes will provide an access to the former Budock Hospital site where Falmouth School is hoping to create additional sporting facilities.

Cornwall Council invited residents to view the proposals last Thursday ahead of a formal planning application being registered. Over a six hour period, around 80 people attended the exhibition at Falmouth School with most providing written feedback.

Steve Gudge, major project officer at the council, said: “For a small scheme public exhibition it was a very good turn out. There were lots of local people and not just those who live in the immediate vicinity of the scheme, but from wider across Falmouth.

“We have had quite a lot of feedback so we can see what issues people are raising. On balance, it was a positive response.

People were interested to see how we were going to make the changes.”

Jem Wallis, Falmouth School’s director of sport, said: “If we were to look at putting sports facilities here, we would have to develop the access anyway.

“This is not just about the school, though, it’s about housing and the whole area but the school does benefit because of it. We have worked with Cormac for some time to make sure the road will have minimal effect to the school.”

Jenna Hodgson-Gardner, who lives in Falmouth, said: “I think that any changes to the current junction are most likely going to be an improvement to what it is now. It is quite dangerous and gets quite congested. It has been a long time coming.”

Alan and Jill Campbell, of Kelly Road, don’t think the proposals will alleviate the current problems and would like to see the road become two lanes while another couple who live in Conway Road, but did not want to be named, thought traffic lights on the roundabout were the answer.

Once the planning application has been registered, there will be a period of public consultation when the council will invite formal responses to the proposals. If planning is granted, the hope is work will start around September/October and be completed next spring.

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