It was wet enough at St Buryan for the 1,400 competitors who braved the extreme elements at Tuff Enuff - Cornwall’s first endurance obstacle race.

Touted as one of the most challenging events of its kind, the race offering two gruelling distances over 12km and 5km at Westmoor Farm, was made even more physically demanding by an onslaught of heavy rain.

Tuff Enuff director Tony Borrett said: “Tuff Enuff was amazing. The weather helped make the course more interesting and the level of sportsmanship was really high.

“I’d like to thank everyone who got involved as a steward or gave advice.

“We will be taking on board all comments and feedback to make the next event even better.”

Falmouth Packet:

The 30 obstacles that made up the course were designed with help from the Royal Marines. Obstacles included a 40 foot waterslide, a nine foot wall, a wade through a muddy swamp, climbing over 30 foot ‘A’ frames and a run up 183 steps from the sea.

The final obstacle was a series of roadside skips filled with ice and water in which contestants had to immerse themselves before staggering across the finish line.

While plans are well under way for a Tuff Enuff in Dorset in February 2015, another event is being considered at the St Buryan site, for September.

Falmouth Packet:

At Tuff Enuff contestants could choose either to compete in the race or just complete the course.

Dan Jones, who entered the complete section, ended up with the fastest time in the 5km race.

Dan, from Newquay, said: “I run three to four times a week, about five miles each time. This was my first event and I loved it, absolutely great fun. My favourite obstacles were the muddy trenches, they were horrible. The cargo net also breaks your stride.”

Falmouth Packet:

Despite strong competition from entrants from all over the UK and Europe, Barrie Prowse from Penzance missed first place by less than half a minute.

Barrie, aged 29, said: “It was my first such race and I’m so pleased to come second. The race was thoroughly enjoyable. The 2km of deep mud turned the course into a muddy jog but the hardest part was the run up the steps that totally rinsed your legs.

Falmouth Packet:

“I’m going to enter other similar events as I am determined to win Tuff Enuff next year. I prepared myself for Tuff Enuff with mind over matter. I kept telling myself that pain is temporary but success is forever.”

Falmouth Packet: