A scam claiming to involve the Metropolitan Police contacting people on the Lizard Peninsula has prompted a warning against giving out details over the telephone.

PCSO Julia Berry, from Helston Police Station, said she was aware of at least two cases in which people had received a telephone call from the scammers.

The callers claim to be from the Metropolitan Police and have “arrested a relative”. They ask the person who answered the phone to send money.

Fortunately, in at least one of the incidents the potential victim realised it was a scam as they did not have a grandson, who it had been alleged was involved.

PCSO Berry warned people to be on their guard, saying: “Never give out personal details over the phone. Also be mindful that scams take place over the phone and over the internet.

“Banks and official organisations will not ring up asking for details over the phone.”

She urged anyone who received such a phone call to report it to the police on the 101 number.

It is a national scam that is currently targeting West Cornwall and is being investigated by the police under the name Operation Fardel.

“If something seems too good to be true, basically it is,” added PCSO Berry, who regularly gives talks to community groups and schools on the dangers of scams.