Fingerpost signs in Helston are to be refurbished by the town council - despite officially being the responsibility of the county.

Members agreed to cover the cost of the refurbishments, after hearing from regeneration officer Martin Searle that the three signs - outside the Guildhall, at the bottom of Coinagehall Street and in Meneage Street at the bottom of Horse and Jockey Lane - were in need of repainting.

Mr Searle said that although they were the responsibility of Cornwall Council, he understood the necessary work would “not be a priority” in the budgets allocated to Cormac, as they did not relate to the safety of road users or pedestrians.

Mr Searle said: “It's clear from the conversations I've had they're not a priority for maintenance. It's a little project that could help the town centre look a little bit more attractive.”

He believed painting the posts in-situ would be the cheapest way of carrying out the work and he was in the process of obtaining estimates for Cormac and other contractors.

“Subject to a satisfactory quotation the work could be carried out within a short period of time, thereby contributing to the attractiveness of the town centre in time for the main visitor season,” he said.

Councillor Martine Knight, who has experience of such painting through her work maintaining gravestones, questioned whether volunteers could carry out the work.

Mr Searle said he would look into whether special accreditation was needed to be able to work on the highway, or whether members with existing accreditation could act as health and safety support to others carrying out the work.