Falmouth Stroke Club had a visit from a physiotherapist in Helston who demonstrated different methods for rehabilitation.

The group, which provides support and social activities to people who have had a stroke, was joined by Becky Duncan, stroke physiotherapist at the Neurological Physiotherapy Practice in Helston, who talked them through different equipment and treatments useful for recovery.

The talk was part of Action on Stroke Month, which this year is focusing on mini-strokes or transient ischemic attacks, and the practice will be hosting an open day this Friday, May 30, from 10am to 5pm at 11 Water Ma Trout industrial estate inb Helston.

Becky said: “The theme for this year is ‘mini stroke – it’s not just a funny turn’. More than one in 12 people will have a stroke within a week of having a mini-stroke and the greatest risk is within the first few days. If you have a mini- stroke, you must get it treated urgently.

“It is really important that this message is shared to as many people in Cornwall as possible and that by encouraging people to take action after a funny turn they could prevent a stroke.”

The group will be working with the Cornwall Stroke Support Team, advising people who are worried about stroke or have had a stroke, taking blood pressures and providing information about mini-strokes.