Coverack was a mass of twinkling lights on Saturday when more than 50 lanterns reflected the stars overhead.

The event was held as part of fundraising efforts for a village defibrillator.

At 9pm a large number of people gathered on Coverack Beach. Candle bags and tea lights were sold for £2 and taken onto the sand, where individuals chose where to place their lantern.

Caroline Beadle, from the village, said: “The overall effect of so many glowing candles on the beach was beautiful.” Photographer Alicia Combe donated her time and skills to capture the event, titled A Night of Twinkling Lights.

The defibrillator that is being brought for the village is a Heartsine 500 and the fundraising group has been helped by the Ronnie Richards Memorial Charity in Penzance to buy it a much reduced rates.

Caroline said: “We were very lucky with the weather, combined with a low tide and lots of sand on the beach. It was a beautiful evening.

“Coverack is quite remote and this was a beautiful way to raise more than £100 towards this important piece of medical equipment.”

Due to the calm weather, the 50 or so lanterns twinkled late into the night.

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