AS 16 bridge-playing friends got together for their annual cream tea at the Falmouth Hotel, little did they realise it was the last time they would see Yvonne Pavitt.

Sadly Yvonne, who was a key member of the informal bridge club and had organised the cream tea, died the following day at the age of 77. Her funeral service will be held at Penmount Crematorium at noon on Monday, June 2 and will be attended by many of her bridge friends.

Recalling their last get together, fellow bridge player Ryan Battle said: “She was her normal smiling self. We knew she was still suffering from shingles and at the last game of the afternoon she mentioned she was feeling very tired.

“We shall all miss the lady with the Ace of Hearts and most of us will be there on Monday to wish her God speed.”

His wife, Nona added: “Obviously it was a terrible shock to everyone and to us (in the club) who have known her for so many years. She was somebody who was very public minded and enjoyed organising things.”

The informal bridge club has about 20 members, 16 of whom were at the event at the Falmouth Hotel.

Yvonne, who lived at Shelburne Court in Falmouth, leaves twin daughters and a son.