A woman was rescued from a smoke filled house in Falmouth in the early hours of this morning thanks to a passer-by hearing a smoke alarm.

Firefighters were called to Killigrew Street just before 3.30am after a person passing by the property heard smoke alarms and dialled 999, saying that they could smell burning.

Two appliances with a total of eleven firefighters were mobilised with the first appliance on scene within four minutes of the call.

A fire and rescue spokesman said that the first firefighters at the scene confirmed there was smoke issuing from the premise and made the incident ‘persons reported’.

The spokesman said: "Firefighters accessed the premise using a triple extension ladder and removed one casualty from the building who was suffering from smoke inhalation.

The casualty was left in the care of ambulance paramedics. Police also attended.

The spokesman added: "On inspection the smoke in the premise had been caused by a grill pan fire which was out on the fire services arrival".