The Falmouth lifeboat was called out this morning after a yacht and a fishing boat collided 15 miles offshore.

At ten minutes to five this morning the Falmouth RNLI all weather lifeboat and its seven man volunteer crew were paged to attend a collision between a yacht and a fishing boat some 15 miles out to sea off Falmouth.

By 5am the lifeboat was on its way out of the harbour. Once clear she increased to full speed to reach the incident as soon as possible, as lives could be in danger, and 37 minutes later the Richard Cox Scott arrived on scene to find that there had been some damage to the vessels involved but no one was hurt and no lives were in danger.

As the yacht was not taking on water she was towed back to Falmouth Harbour by the lifeboat and secured at Falmouth Marina to await the arrival of specialist repair personnel.

Falmouth Packet:

Once the yacht was secure the lifeboat was released back to station where she was washed down and refuelled and declared ready for service again by 8:20 am.

Falmouth Packet:

• The lifeboat was crewed by: Mark Pollard (Coxswain); John Blakeston; Carl Beardmore; Luke Wills; Andy Jenks; Dave Nicoll and Nick Head.
• The weather this morning during this rescue mission was a northerly force 3 wind, sea state slight and moderate visibility.