Totally Truro, the city’s Business Improvement District (BID) is launching a new project designed to help businesses make savings on their overheads and help profitability.

The ‘Getting the Best for Business’ objective, as prescribed by the businesses within the BID area is to; give businesses in the BID area a voice to lobby the local authority, police and central government where appropriate and ensuring that Truro businesses play a full part in the localism agenda. Helping businesses make savings on their overheads that will contribute towards their general profitability.

Neil Scott, BID Manager said: “Competition remains fierce, not only from surrounding towns and out-of-town developments but from the internet’s shopping and business offer. Add to this the many developments that are planned or emerging around the city, and the competition that Truro faces becomes even more marked.”

“So, we have put together a package of offers and initiatives all aimed to help businesses make crucial savings, and make improvements through the use of social media and collaborative marketing activities.”

A launch event will be held on Thursday, June 12 at 6-7:30pm in the Lander Gallery Café, Lemon Street Market, Lemon Street where presentations and further information will be given on the initial projects being undertaken; business car parking offers, skills training support, utilities procurement and the ‘My Truro’ project - a new and innovative scheme to help business growth through collaborative online promotions and marketing activities.

All businesses within Truro city centre are invited to this launch event which starts at 6pm for light refreshments ahead of the launch at 6:15pm. Any businesses wishing to attend, please notify Totally Truro by Tuesday, June 10.