Despite sustaining injuries in a bid to rescue his brother after he fell down cliffs at Perranporth, a man managed to make his way into town to raise the alarm

The man took a tumble 70ft down a cliff in the early hours this morning, however his brother, after scrambling down to help, suffering some injuries on the way, was able to put put him in the recovery position and make it into town to flag down a police officer.

Falmouth Coastguard, the St Agnes cliff rescue team and paramedics were called out to the scene at Perran Sands at 1.30am.

A Falmouth Coastguard spokesman said: "The man had scrambled down and suffered some injuries, but he was able to put his brother in the recovery position and get help."

The brothers were flown to Derriford Hospital in a helicopter from RNAS Culdrose.