Hot on the tails of the hugely successful Summer Masked Ball, organisers have released details of the Halloween Masked Ball.

For things are going to get frightfully exciting on Saturday, November 1, when a new, secret location in west Cornwall is transformed into a musical playground of scary delights.

Themed on The Day of the Dead - the world-famous Mexican festival where the deceased are celebrated by parties and dancing - the fifth Halloween Masked Ball will feature eight new areas.

As regular Masked Ball guests will testify, The Masked Ball revels in its reputation for creative production, eclectic décor and attention to detail, all of which are as important as the stellar line-up in creating the perfect conditions to let loose.

This year’s Halloween Masked Ball, with its myriad of macabre venues, live performers, artworks and installations promises build on this reputation, creating a heightened immersive experience for ball-goers.

Wandering through the tented complex at night, party-goers will stumble across unpredictable nano-venues, eccentric humour and epic raves with a soundtrack of New York disco, primal chants, cosmic guitar licks and terrifying techno.

Masked Ball director Kelvin Batt said: “The Masked Ball faces a different dynamic at Halloween to the summer ball. Audience feedback from previous events have shown that people want a more immersive festival experience to launch themselves into the Halloween atmosphere. We have responded by adopting a theatrical-style production, carefully selecting artists and performers to create a cohesive experience based on the Mexican Day Of The Dead festival.”

While, in Masked Ball tradition, not all the details of the event are released, Masked Ball organisers have revealed some curated areas. The Island of the Dolls is an arena themed on the Mexican island of the same name. Here, in the black heart of the event, lies the home of hundreds of terrifying, mutilated dolls. Their severed limbs, decapitated heads and blank eyes adorn trees and every available surface. The island will host this year’s surprise headliners. Already booked to appear are Drums of Death, Optimo, Riton, Panda, Jac The Disco and The Occult.

Jelly Jazz and Incandescence Circus will join forces once again to present The Carnival of the Damned.

After a massively successful summer takeover in the Soul Circus, Jelly Jazz bring DJs Food, Cheeba and Moneyshot together for a three-deck tribute to The Beastie Boys. Also amping up this lively venue will be The Allergies, Dr Rubberfunk, Bonebookbang, Pete Issac and The Incandescence Marching Band.

Next up, we welcome you to the afterlife at Diablos Discotheque - where the party never stops.

The devil's dance floor is ready for your last shimmy as you take your funky steps to the door of pleasure city with house ‘n’ disco connoisseurs in the form of Felix Dickinson, Musk Aartext and Future Gardens DJs to help you dance into the afterlife.

Voodoo Swamp will be curated by Masked Ball party favourites, the deadly hip Sir Vinyl. Hoovering up sounds from around the world and feeding them through large soundsystems to sweaty dance floors at the Masked Ball since 2007, Sir Vinyl follow the original Jamaican sound system tradition featuring Mungos Hi-Fi and Boogaloo Dee.

An innovative arena known as La Morgue will be curated by Frozen Thumb in a response to the downward spiral of authenticity amongst promoters.

Believing that artists should be celebrated for what they create, not how they ‘rate’, Frozen Thumb have been engaging audiences from Proud Camden to Brixton Windmill and feature New York Transit Authority alongside their own crucially crooked resident DJs.

Walk carefully through the Rave Yard, where there’s a danger of being lured into a dark dome by silhouettes seductively gyrating to dirty techno, as painted faces herald the dawn in a fiendish frenzy of movement. The Masked Ball’s notorious den of after-hours hedonism and general weirdness has a 'no tattoo, no entry' policy, but needle-phobics needn’t worry, as a temporary tattoo can be acquired on the door.

Blurring the boundaries between art and music, the outdoor electronic dance arena is the Aztec Asylum and features a very special guest headliner with Cornish roots in a mesmerising show of sound.

A feast awaits all at Hell’s Kitchen with a Latin menu served up by award-winning caterers Savour and Relish, in a lavish tent where one can chill and refuel before embarking once again a journey through the night. Catch DJ sets here from Dr Rubberfunk, Pete Isaac and surprise guests.

The Halloween Masked Ball takes place on Saturday, November 1, from 6am to 6pm, at a secret location in west Cornwall. Limited early bird tickets are on sale from for £35.