A former lifeboat station now converted into a Porthleven art gallery has re-opened following winter storm damage.

Roof tiles of the Lifeboat Art Studio had been stripped off by the force of the waves, while the strong seas surged inside causing further damage (see picture).

The building is particularly vulnerable in its position at the foot of the cliffs, jutting out into the sea – a reminder of its former purpose.

Repairs are reported to have cost in the region of £40,000 but have been completed in time for the summer season. Four artists from the LizardArt group will now be the first exhibition of the year.

Rosie Hughes, who manages the gallery on behalf of the Osborne Group, said getting the repairs completed in time had been “nail biting”. She added: “The building lost most of its roof and had to be completely gutted. It’s been a challenge getting everything done in time for our first exhibition. All those concerned have done a remarkable job.”

The studio will be open almost continuously throughout June for anyone wanting to view the restoration and possibly pick up an original piece of art.