Pupils from the 18 schools in the Helston and Lizard Peninsula Cooperative Education Trust have been working closely with members of Helston Museum and Helston Town Council to develop a range of projects to mark the centenary of World War One over the next four years.

The Trust developed a school council ‘School Kids in Partnership’ (SKIP) to represent its 4,000 students and has sent delegates to attend meetings of the World War One working party.

Discussing SKIP’s progress Frazer Delves, executive chair of the cooperative school council, said: “Through hard work and sustained commitment, 2014 could be a very special year indeed for ‘pupil voice’.”

The council has also launched a poetry competition, with several age categories: year three and below, years four to six, years seven to nine, and year ten and above.

Pupils are invited to write a poem “to commemorate those who died and served in the First World War, including the Home-Front community.”

One standout poem from each group will be chosen and read by the entrant at the civic service in Helston on July 20 and all the contributions will be displayed in the museum for the local community to enjoy.

A commemorative war plaque will be donated to Helston Museum on behalf of local children and young people, in acknowledgement of the dedicated work of British services personnel, both past and present.

Helston Community College and Mullion School students will also attend a workshop organised by Tracey Clowes, in which they will be able to work with local artists to create silk banners.

Students have similarly been invited to contribute to a flower festival, due to take place in early August.