The organisers of Penryn Arts Festival are looking for support from local businesses as they start planning and publicising the event.

Volunteer organisers Dom Jones and Sarah-Jane Marsden have said they are keen to get local businesses supporting the community through the initiative.

This will be by providing resources or support for an event, offering their premises as a venue for live music or art, providing prizes for the poetry, art or photography competitions about to run, or simply through sponsorship.

The festival takes place from July 18 to 20 in and around Penryn, with acts including Gogmagog, a futuristic retelling of a Cornish myth, the only Cornish performances from Bash Street Theatre, live music in Trelawney Park, a poetry slam, open artists' studios and much more.

Sarah-Jane, an art teacher at Helston College, said: “The town of Penryn is buzzing with local arts talent and we want to showcase what the town has to offer along with a few high quality national productions.

“The local community is at the core of the festival this year and we have aimed to provide entertainment and inspiration for all ages during the three days."

“There will be WWI events taking place around the same time as the Arts Festival so we plan to draw on and include some of themes relating to this time.

“While the response to our initial contact with local businesses attracted a number of interested parties, we need to build on that, particularly as our sponsorship deals cost between £25 and £100, so we hope local businesses will support what is now a hugely popular annual event.”

The group, which almost collapsed due to lack of interest before Dom and Sarah-Jane took over, has started its publicity with posters designed by Penryn based graphic artist Becca Allen.

Gill Grant, mayor of Penryn, said: “I am extremely pleased that the festival is taking place as last year was such a success.”

Those who wish to get involved can go to, search for Penryn Arts Festival on Facebook or @PenrynArtsFesti on twitter or visit the office of Penryn Town Council.