A lack of weed spraying in Falmouth has led to one couple proposing a “Trelawny’s Army” of protestors descend on Westminster and demand more money for Cornwall.

David and Sarah Culling, of Dunstanville Terrace, attended Falmouth Town Council’s monthly surgery on Friday to complain about the overgrown hedgerows, verges and pavements which they claim are giving Falmouth the appearance of “a one-horse town.”

They were told that Cornwall Council no longer provided the funding for weed spraying and the town council has no money in its budget for this year after achieving its aspirations of taking over public toilets and the Municipal Buildings.

Councillor Rowenna Brock said: “We do not have all the answers because we do not have the money. Unfortunately we do have to make some very difficult decisions at times and one thing we just do not have the money to do is to weed spray Falmouth. That is incredibly frustrating.”

It was then that Mr Culling suggested councillors from town and parish councils across the county should go “mob handed” to London, like Trelawny’s Army, and demand less public money is shipped overseas and instead is handed to local councils so they can carry out their obligations.

“The country is on the verge of bankruptcy,” he said. “We have to stand up and say it cannot go on like this. Now is the time you as councillors could bring that issue to central government and central government will listen because they are vulnerable right now - they have just had their backsides firmly kicked.

“Let’s take about a dozen coaches and block off Westminster for a day or half a day. This glad handing the rest of the planet has to slow down if not stop.”

The suggestion is to present the coalition government, and David Cameron and the Conservative Party in particular, with the possibility of the unpaid town and parish councillors threatening that if no more central government funding is forthcoming for 2015/16, the Town Halls of Cornwall, will be closed for business on April 5, 2015 until such time as extra funding is made available to them.