Banned from driving earlier this year by a court, for drink driving, a Mullion man felt trapped in his home without his licence - and despite a warning from his partner, decided he would go for a drive.

At Truro Magistrates' Court Martin Denton, aged 56, of St Mellans Terrace, pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified and without insurance at Cury on May 24.

Alison May, for the CPS, said he was disqualified for three years in March for two drink driving offences on dates in February.

On May 24 a police officer saw him driving and recognised the number plate and description of his car. When he saw the car shortly afterwards it was parked in a field gateway and had a female in the driving seat.

Denton admitted he was disqualified and said he was sorry. He said he and his partner were going out and he decided to drive even though she had told him it was not a good idea.

Feeling particularly helpless since having lost his licence, and trapped in the home because of it day by day, when it was a nice day he wanted to drive and did so.

He had seen the police car and tried to get off the road, then swapping seats with his partner.

Denton was given an 18 week prison sentence suspended for two years and told to pay £165 costs and surcharge.