Statistics show that during previous World Cups there has been an average increase of 25 per cent in domestic abuse and sexual violence, and much more if England lose, but help is at hand in Cornwall.

Safer Cornwall says that based on these statistics, when England plays their first group match on 14 June there could be an additional 13 cases of abuse in Cornwall alone, making an estimated total at least 65 cases in Cornwall.

However anyone experiencing domestic abuse can find help by contacting the new REACH (Risk Evaluation and Coordination) Hub based in Truro.

The centre, which provides support for victims from all communities across Cornwall is run by specialist domestic abuse and sexual violence charity Twelves Company, is a single point of contact offering confidential advice to victims on where they can seek the best help for them in their area, and is open 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Each year in Cornwall, about 8,000 domestic abuse or sexual violence crimes are reported to the Police.

Many victims are not confident in coming forward, and it is estimated (by the British Crime Survey) that the prevalence in Cornwall is actually much higher than this with around 19,000 incidents per year.

A domestic abuse survivor said: "I had been having problems with my ex partner and I was feeling very alone and frightened and not sure what to do. I got talking one day to a lady at my hairdressers who gave me the REACH phone number. I contacted REACH and received a kind and understanding response. My concerns were listened to and I was given lots of advice on the options available to me. They then supported me in getting the help that was right for me. If I had not contacted REACH I am sure I would still be feeling alone, frightened and unsafe. Anyone in my situation should contact REACH as it really helped’.

Twelves Company team leader Laura Smit said: "I have worked supporting victims of Domestic Abuse for several years. A consistent message from victims has always been that they have not known where to go to get support or advice. Our aim is that REACH will enable all victims and their families to get the right response at the right time. We encourage anyone who is worried or concerned to contact us for advice.

Cornwall Council Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Strategy Manager Michelle Davies said: “Ensuring that we can provide the right response at the right time is vital for those impacted by domestic abuse; REACH allows us to deliver this. REACH has been achieved through strong partnership working between Safer Cornwall and Twelves Company, a clear vision and a ‘can do’ approach. Establishing a single point of contact for professionals and members of public to receive advice, an assessment of risk and information on all of the domestic abuse services available is another step in the right direction for Cornwall”.

Cornwall Council cabinet member for homes and communities Geoff Brown said: “Incidents of domestic violence and abuse are tragic as they can have a devastating impact not only on the victim but also on children. As a Council we are committed to supporting victims and families in a sympathetic and understanding manner, as we try to minimise such unacceptable behaviour.”

If you think you are in danger, then please call 999 and ask for the Police. You can contact the Hub by: • Calling on 0300 7774777 Monday – Friday, 9 – 5.

• Texting on 07760 442581 Monday –Friday, 9 – 5.

• Emailing on

• Online at