A group of marine biology and ecology and marine science students from Falmouth Marine School have just returned from an action packed, sun drenched week in Egypt.

The first and second year students spent the week in Dahab where they dived, snorkelled and conducted scientific research as part of their studies.

Marine science student Dephiny Cesarano said: "I’ve had such an amazing time. The whole trip was fantastic but I especially enjoyed diving at Dahab’s famous Blue Hole and seeing first-hand the amazing species, it was such an unforgettable experience.

“I will be starting my top up year in ocean science at Plymouth University this September and feel that the skills and knowledge I have gained this week and indeed throughout my course will be invaluable.”

The core purpose of the field trip was to study the coral reef environment and its diversity of marine life. Students also had a unique environment to develop their diving skills and enjoyed 12 dives or snorkels at nine locations along the Red Sea.