A sixth-former at Helston Community College is flying high after being accepted to train as a pilot with the Royal Navy.

Jake Robertson began his application back in November 2012, under the Sixth Form Scholarship Scheme, and has now learnt he has passed every test.

The first hurdle for Jake was the initial psychometric tests, conducted at the Armed Forces Careers Office in Redruth. He then went on to complete the initial fitness test, comprising a 1.5 mile run.

Next, Jake sat a “sift interview” with a current serving officer, to assess his suitability to attend the Admiralty Interview Board.

Subsequent challenges included passing the flying aptitude tests at RAF Cranwell – consisting of eight hours of computer based exercises testing hand-eye coordination, verbal and mathematical reasoning, mental arithmetic and mental capacity tests – and then an appearance before the Admiralty Interview Board in Gosport.

Assessing the suitability of a candidate to become a Royal Naval officer, the process lasts two days and includes leadership tests, planning exercises, a fitness test, naval knowledge test, further psychometric tests, and finally an interview with three naval officers.

Again, Jake was deemed to have the attitude and values of a naval officer, and progressed onto the last stage of his application, the aircrew medical, a strict and stringent medical examination.

Passing all with flying colours, Jake was one of just six candidates in the country to receive a Sixth Form Scholarship from the Royal Navy and one of only two pilot applicants.

He will be attending Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth from this November.