Insisting on taking a “selfie” of himself and a police officer led a drunken man from Penryn to Truro Magistrates’ Court.

Gareth Robin Healey, aged 25, of Bohelland Road, pleaded guilty to assaulting PCSO Michael Aye-Pe, guilty to assaulting constable Marie Moore and guilty to being drunk and disorderly.

Alison May, for the CPS, said police officers had gone to Furniss Island park in Truro on May 20, after a report of drunken behaviour and people urinating there.

Healey was seen with others, all appearing to be under the influence of alcohol and drinking from shot glasses within the alcohol-free zone.

Healey put an arm round PCSO Aye-Pe, pulling him in close and attempted to take a selfie photo. The officer was uncomfortable with the invasion of his personal space and pushed him away, but Healey did it again, grabbing around the officer’s neck, causing him to press the emergency button on his radio.

He pushed the man away again, when Healey shouted abuse at him until another person got between them and Healey walked off.

He was seen later in the town when he struggled with PC Moore. He had to be chased again, and was taken to the ground and put in leg restraints.

Interviewed, he said he had been overly boisterous, apologising, and saying he had not intended to assault the officer.

He had a number of previous convictions.

Deborah Von Kohler, his solicitor, said he was no stranger to prison and had behaved in an idiotic, stupid way over the selfie, which he took, before running off.

“Taking a selfie is one thing, but taking it in drink when the PCSO said he did not want it was completely another matter. He said afterwards how stupid it was. It was committed because of his drink, and he went ahead and took it. It was a day that went from bad to worse,” she said.

Healey, whose case was adjourned to July 9 for a probation report, was told by chairman Roger Cargeeg that custody had not been ruled out.