A hotel near Mawnan Smith is making a return to our television screens next week, two years after it was visited by the Hotel Inspector.

Alex Polizzi visited the Meudon Hotel in June 2012, after a call for help from owners Mark Pilgrim and Gaye Woods.

Her advice and the subsequent redecoration of parts of the hotel was shown on TV later that summer – and now she has returned to see the results of her help.

Gaye said: “The follow-up of her involvement brought about a significant change to the hotel’s offering.

“I have not been able to thank my team enough for the effort they have put in to turn Meudon around to the product we are today.

“There is always room for improvement, but now we do have a good business, that is back in profit and has a future, a long way from where we were in 2012.”

Ms Polizzi’s revisit will be shown on Channel 5, next Wednesday (June 25) at 9pm.