There were 21 crimes reported in Porthleven during May, compared to 17 last year.

Of these, 11 were thefts relating to the Masked Ball, predominately involving stolen mobile phones. A bicycle was also stolen.

There were two complaints involving dogs – one over a “dog on dog” incident and another when a man’s calf was bruised as a result of a dog.

Four cases of criminal damage on motor vehicles were reported, there was a domestic related common assault and play equipment at Methleigh Bottoms was damaged.

Finally, there was a crime under the Communications Act when a person received an unwanted text.

PCSO Jon Bell, who has been covering the Porthleven area, is due to leave in July following his promotion to fully serving police constable.

His duties will be picked up by one of the remaining police community support officers in Helston, and the neighbourhood beat manager for the area.