The World Cup and Commonwealth Games inspired Halwin Primary School’s sports day this year.

The event coincided with the opening day of the football contest, meaning as part of the different races youngsters were challenged to dribble footballs from one end of the track to the other.

A similar race was held involving hockey sticks and tennis balls in recognition of the Commonwealth Games also taking place this summer. Other races included sprints, with the competition ending with a relay.

Pupils from reception through to year six got involved in the day and this year they were also joined by the on-site pre-school.

Headteacher John Smith said: “It’s been a wonderful sports day. Everybody participated in the spirit of a traditional sports day.”

Pupils were split into four different coloured houses and points were awarded to the teams depending on where the youngsters were placed in the races.

It was a close finish at the end, particularly between the blue team and the yellow team.

However, after winning for the last three years it was the blue team that were in second place, with the yellows taking the title for 2014.

The green team was third, with the reds coming in fourth.

The captains and vice captains of each house were invited onto the podium, Olympic style, where the representatives of the yellow team were handed the winners’ cup.

It was perfect weather for the outdoor event, with blue skies and warm sunshine, and just a gentle breeze to take the heat off.

The day was well supported by relatives of the young participants, who watched all the races and cheered their support. Some even got involved in the action, in the mums’ and dads’ races.

“It was lovely to see so many parents here on a bright, sunny afternoon. It was lovely to see them support our community,” added Mr Smith.

After the sporting endeavours both pupils and their relatives were rewarded with cream teas, provided and sold by the Friends of Halwin School to raise funds for school projects.

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